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What small things can kids do to help save the planet?

Everyone has the opportunity to be part of the change. Doing nothing means being part of the problem. 

These are some suggestions... no one has to do all of them to be helping. In fact, you might do something completely different and still be helping. 

    1. Participate in public science

    Research has provided a global long-term view to humans. Humans can't normally see globally or recognize changes that span more than their lifetime. Science has revealed the big picture. 

    There are many public science projects. Participating in them provides important data. 

    2. Plant trees

    Trees are so important for cooling during heat events. You should have plenty near where you live. If you don't, plant some. 

    Ask permission if you like. Have your say in local projects - keep insisting on trees. 

    Try some Guerilla Gardening. Don't ask anyone permission. Get some small trees that are in pots. Look for places near roads that have soil but no trees. Make sure there are no overhead wires. Avoid any obvious underground services. You might not be able to tell straight away. But if you see a box for electricity nearby, it's not the right place. Dig a shallow hole, just a few centimeters deeper than the pot. Take the pot off! Plant it. 

    If you life out of the city, just go wild! Plant trees! 

    Water your babies. They need frequent care for a while. Lavish care on them in hot dry months. 

    3. Adopt a street tree or three

    Climate change is already causing problems. Street trees are suffering even though they were fine in the past. 

    Since they provide your home and neighborhood with cooling (free cooling) you will really miss them when they are gone. 

    Adopt some street trees and water them. Get those special bags you put around the base of the tree so you can water them 100 liters every few days. It helps save water that might just run off. And it helps give the tree consistent water. 

    4. Save animals and plants under threat

    Many billions of animals have been killed by climate induced fires in the last couple of years. You can help by getting involved with animal protection organizations. They can give you location specific options to help. It is important to follow instructions during emergencies. Evacuate when you are told to do so. 

    5. Reduce, reuse, recycle

    I mean, no brainer... right? If your kids are worried about the future they will be already all over this one. 

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