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What websites and organizations do you wish existed?

    1. LowestPriceRX.com

    Enter your prescriptions and the search engine finds you the lowest price prescriptions domestically and internationally.

    2. BestMortgageRefi.com

    A search that finds the best refi deals without sponsorship bias.

    3. BestWifiDeal.com

    Finds the best wifi deals in your area.

    4. ReportFacebookScams.com

    Chase down Facebook marketplace scammers so that they are banned from Facebook and prosecuted with fraud.

    5. CovidMeds.com

    List of doctors and clinics that prescribe ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, monoclonal antibodies, etc.

    6. BestEPublishing.com

    Who pays the best royalties, the most platforms, writing aids, book marketing website templates. And describes associated costs.

    7. AdultHomesNearMe.com

    Finds private adult care homes in your local area with costs and services and reviews and current availability.

    8. MicroDoseSharing.com

    Find others with the MicroDose external pump who are open to sharing for weekly treatments, significantly reducing treatment costs. MicroDoseSys.com

    9. Meatshopper.com

    Put in the meat you’d like to buy and it finds the best local prices by looking at Winco, Safeway, carnicerias, etc.

    10. RemoteOnlyJobs.com

    Posting only 100% remote jobs. Only jobs showing pay rates are allowed. No MLM.

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