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What websites and organizations do you wish existed?

    1. How To…

    Imagine a website/YouTube channel which gives ‘How To…’ guides for everything from DIY to writing to origami, BUT without the self promotion, drivel, small talk and pointless info. The video immediately and rapidly explains what is asked for, and nothing else. Every second matters and isn’t wasted.

    2. Rate/Review Anything & Everything

    A website on which everything that can be reviewed, is reviewed by anyone. Products, services, accommodation, ideas etc. Premium version would allow users to narrow down the parameters. So, let’s say you want to know what male 25 year olds weighing less than

    3. Personality test based on web browsing

    Maybe too intrusive for some but may give a more accurate assessment than a regular personality test.

    4. Draw Cake Make Bake

    Draw a cake, label for sponge and icing flavour/type. Submit and get delivered to your door. Could work with pizza too.

    5. Video to Building Plan

    This is out there but not great and very time consuming. Being able to video the interior of a building with your phone and have it converted to a 2D/3D building plan would make my job easier.

    6. Taboo discussion

    YouTube channel, podcast, website discussing very sensitive, ‘taboo’ subjects thoughtfully, e.g., domestic violence, paedophilia.

    7. The Butterfly Effect

    A website discussing the impact of seemingly minor or isolated incidents and the impact they can have on the wider community, countries and world as a whole (e.g., government welfare cuts increase poverty, then crime, create need for food banks which run out of food and lead to malnutrition and long term health problems).

    8. ‘Simplify’ or ‘The Layman’

    A website that simplifies complex news, info, concepts, processes etc.

    9. ‘Bad Dad.com’

    A website dedicated to supporting fathers, mainly during the brutal early years of fatherhood. Needs to deal with sensitive issues including emotional regulation, feelings of dissatisfaction, resentment, difficulty in bonding with the child etc.

    10. DrawMe.com

    Submit a photo of yourself/family and provide a specification (e.g., cartoon style, watercolour) for an artist to draw the image for a fee.

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