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What websites/apps do you use daily?

    1. medium.com

    I keep thinking about dropping my subscription as most of what I read is fluff, but every once in a while I find a gem like NotePD. So, I keep my subscription for the 1-2 gems per year.

    2. 1440 daily digest (join1440.com)

    Great news source. This, and the Daily Pnut are how I start my day.

    3. Daily pnut

    dailypnut.com is another great news site.

    4. logseq.com

    For notetaking on top of an Obsidian vault. Logseq does the rapid notetaking; Obsidian does the rest of the processing (tables, databases, etc.)

    5. vivaldi web browser

    Great Chrome-based web browser that syncs across all devices, groups tabs, splits panes, etc.

    6. Read Something Great

    readsomethinggreat at substack.com is a weekly newsletter that pushes several in-depth wonderful reads from the web as an alternative to doom scrolling.

    7. Art of Manliness

    artofmanliness.com is another list I read on Sundays. There are always quirky instructions on how to perform certain task. My favorite is the article that argues men should read more fiction to nurture their creativity - men tend to read nonfiction whereas women read fiction.

    8. Farnam Street

    farnamstreet.com is yet another weekly newsletter full of insightful treasures.

    9. Recommendo

    recommendo at cool-tools.org is the brain child of Kevin Kelly. He and two colleagues produce the list with several wonderful finds from the internet. I look forward to it every Sunday.

    10. The Isolation Journals

    theisolationjournals at substack.com is the work of Suleika Jaouad, who is probably best known for her TED talk on dealing with cancer. The Isolation Journals project brings together artists and creatives of all kinds and there is a journal prompt each week from a guest that helps with deep, reflective work.

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