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What will you do this year to create a pocket of excellence in your job?

I have been sitting on this prompt for a while: I branched it from someone here but I don't remember who. Now is the time to implement it.

I realize that I have been kind of coasting at work. Still doing a good job, but I am starting to have the same experience every year (not five years of experience but the same year of experience five times). I am kicking myself in the pants to start leveling up today. This will help me get more engaged at work, do better work and get better at working in general: wins all around.

What will you do this year to create a pocket of excellence in your job?

    1. Prepare this "leveling up" project as if I am going to write an ebook/teach a course about it

    2. Make a PowerPoint of this process/workflow

    Something to clarify my thoughts and something that can be shared with others.

    3. Implement time based goals for task completion

    Take the estimated time and try to do the work in half time. We use a version of "agile," but we don't really do it that well. I can change my part in it.

    4. Test and refine this process with the QA lead

    Try to find what works best and is most efficient

    5. Coordinate meetings with QA to understand the task at hand before starting

    6. Coordinate meeting with QA before deploying code: on local machine

    7. Standard format for test notes: collaborate

    • About the project
    • what changed
    • useful SQL
    • specific tests to run
    • examples of successful runs

    8. Discuss prioritization and MVP (minimum viable products)

    Our projects tend to become massive multi-month projects. I will do my part to get them into more manageable sizes.

    9. Time management: track 15 minute increments

    For the next month at least: what am I doing and why.

    10. Present to group after some success

    After a 12-week year of this there should be noticeable improvements.

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