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7 Ideas About Designing A 10-Star Experience for notepd, inspired by AirBnB

Inspired by the 11-star experience design process by AirBnB, I took the liberty to practice my imagination and idea muscle on a Saturday morning.

Below are ideas about designing 5~10 stars amazing experiences for notepd.

Here is the link to the 11-start experience by AirBnB

    1. 10-Star Experience - Every idea I write is magically implemented

    For example, I write 10 ideas for books I want to publish. Say one of the books I want to write and publish is "Hacks for First-time father." Then a book is written and published for me, based on my writing style, my posts, on all media outlets, etc. With a blurb from James already on it.

    2. 9-Star Experience - notepd is my absolute 2nd brain

    It is integrated with my Notion, Slack, browser, and even my fridge. I can generate ideas from anywhere, and it gets written or published on notepd, tagged, and categorized. If I want to build a course. I simply create 10 ideas about the course or 10 sections, and the course outlines with slides or videos are created. It is my 2nd brain connected to Notions, etc., so it has the material.

    3. 8-Star Experience - notepd is my ultimate book creator tool

    It gets me to write a book within a week. I give it a title, and small summary, and imaginary blurbs, and it gives me 10 chapters and summaries. I provide it with chapter titles. It gives me 10 possible section summaries, etc. Because it is my second brain, it has many 10 ideas I parked there, tagger and categorize.

    4. 7-Star Experience - notepd creates killer YouTube videos based on curated ideas

    It takes my 10 ideas and chooses all the background photos, etc. I have 100M YouTube subscribers because of the crazy mixing of ideas that notepd generates for me. It creates the stories based on my ideas and the public ideas of others, giving credit to the source of the ideas.

    5. 5-Star Experience - notepd teases me so I can generate more ideas

    It calls me and asks me random questions. It knows my birthday, my friends, who I follow, etc. It asks me some weird and fun questions. Some are random, and some are from challenges. And based on our 2 to 5 min call, it generates the ideas for me, I approve and it publishes them.

    6. 5-Star Experience - NotePD turns my idea lists into Twitter threads

    I have 100M followers on Twitter because of my notepd. It takes my ideas, puts them in a nice, easy-to-digest format, adds some facts from AI, and publishes them as threads.

    7. 5-Star Experience - NotePD helps me implement an idea from the idea list

    notepd will send me 10 random ideas and ask me which one I want to act on this week. I choose one, and it gets me everything relevant to that idea to be implemented, who I should contact, etc.
    Say I want to start a podcast. It will generate my pilot podcast, get me all the materials, send emails to potential guests, etc.

    8. What is your 10-start experience?

    @paolo this is a bit different from the challenge. I will respond to your challenge separately.

    @JamesAltucher @paolo what would be your 10-start experience?

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