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What would you do without rhetorical questions?


A rhetorical question is a question asked to make a point, rather than get an answer. 
These questions will trigger an internal response.

    1. "Why is this here?"

    2. "How often do you worry?"

    3. "Are you happy where you are ----- right now?"

    4. "When and how will the story of "ME" end?"

    5. "Are you content to be wherever you are?"

    6. "How do you craft the story of ME?"

    7. "Who's creating the world you see?"

    8. "Do you walk alone?"

    9. "What are you waiting for?"

    10. "Who are you waiting for?"

    11. "Where are you going when you leave here?"

    12. "Are you afraid of joining?"

    13. "Are you willing to have a shift in your perception?"

    14. "Would you be open to experiencing the true meaning of forgiveness?"

    15. "Would you like to earn a million dollars a month doing what you love everyday?"

    16. "Are you hoping to find the Truth and nothing but the Truth?"

    17. "Are you worried about what to say - what to do - what to eat?"

    18. "Are you here to be truly helpful?"

    19. "What do you need from ___________ to be happy?"

    20. "What's the most important thing in your life?"

    21. "What one thing gets the bulk of your attention?"

    22. "Does REAL LOVE hurt?"

    23. "Did God create this world?"

    24. "Is there ever a need to hold a grievance?"

    25. "Do you know how to heal yourself?"

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