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What's a Great Deal?

For me, a deal = high value for low cost. If something's free, that's even better --> the value is infinite!

    1. DataCamp.com

    This is an especially good deal for me, since I have a grandfathered rate :) I can't think of a website that comes close to providing the amount of approachable, pedagogically-strong career-enhancing content DataCamp does.

    2. Costco's rotisserie chicken

    It's everybody's favorite loss leader for a reason.

    3. Your local public library

    Arthur was right when he said: "having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card". Seriously though-- libraries offer so many resources, in addition to books, films, and more. They're great study spaces, and many have museum passes and other activities that can be rented out for free.

    4. Budget airline tickets

    I know these are controversial, and perhaps rightly so. Still, as someone who values discovery and linguistic, cultural, and culinary immersion, travel is an important part of my life. Budget airlines make travel accessible to people at various income levels (although, in my personal experience, I find the deals to be better in Europe than in the U.S.).

    5. Using olive oil as a hair mask

    Will it make you smell like a garden salad temporarily? Yes. But for the price, I can't think of a better alternative for strong, shiny, and smooth hair. I use it weekly (and sometimes more during the winter).

    6. A membership to Chess.com

    For $2.50 per month, I get access to a treasure trove of chess lessons (some of which are delivered by grandmasters), in addition to puzzles, analysis, and an ad-free user experience. The content is great and is constantly being updated.

    7. The McDonalds app

    The deals are incredible.

    8. A Citybike subscription

    In Boston, it costs $109 to get unlimited access to a "Blue Bike" for the entire year. When I see people taking not even public transportation, but ride-sharing apps everywhere, I'm dumbfounded at the additional cost this represents. Blue Bikes come to less than $10 per month and allow you to move around the city while having fun and getting exercise too. But then again, I really love biking, and I'm bananas enough to ride around in the throes of winter.

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