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Which is the one book you keep reading over and over again?

    1. Meditations

    This is an odd start as I haven't read it all covered to cover.  But I've read quote's from it more than any other book.  Unlike most book's I've memorised a lot of it and it's become foundational to my way of life.  If you're struggling in life I highly recommend it.  It's like the bible for non believers.

    2. Influence

    A book on persuasion.  I like to touch up my knowledge every so often.  I've noticed great improvement in my own skills over the years.  I'll continue to push to become more persuasive.

    3. Win Bigly

    Again a book on persuasion, this time on Trumps persuasion.  I love how he went from a joke candidate to the presedent to one of the greatest presedents of all time (at least to a lot of people). This book is a fascinating read, even if you're not a Trump fan.  Understanding his techniques will give you a new level of respect for the guy.  It did for me.

    4. Alchemy

    I like to think of myself as logical.  This book shows me how illogical even I can be.  Most of our decisions are based on how we feel and we're not even aware of it.  I love rereading this always amazes me.

    5. Anything you want

    No fluff just solid advice on each page.  Super easy read.  Highly recommen.  Can be read in a few hours.

    6. Tools of titens

    Advice from people from a wide range of fields.  As I grow I can learn from someone new and see old advice in new light.  Another one that hasn't been read cover to cover, yet the advice there really helped shape me into who I am.

    7. The Rocco Effect - Set 1

    I wrote this book and have every lesson memorised.  Whenever someone is struggling I offer advice from here (or less often, one of my other comics). 

    8. Others

    I love so many more books, yet I don't return to them as often.  I feel I have learnt what I need from them (maybe I regret would teach me more). The book listed above are one's where I still feel there's more to be learnt, at least for me.

    I hope you enjoyed this list.  If you did I'm sure you'll enjoy my other book related lists -

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