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Who Are the Most Influential People In History

    1. The Virgin Mary

    Without Mary willingly stepping into the spotlight and being a mouthpiece for baby Jesus before he was even born, Jesus's story wouldn't have been heard.

    2. Rosie the Riveter

    A crucial piece of propaganda that forever changed the life of American women and the American workforce in general.

    3. Queen Elizabeth II

    She has always led with grace and always put crown and country before her own ego. How many leaders have truly achieved that? Not many. She has also role modelled women in positions of power, leading to much more acceptance of female leadership in all of the commonwealth. If you look at VP-level and C-suite positions in various large companies, commonwealth countries have a higher percentage of females at the top. I think Queen Elizabeth II had a huge part in that simply by showing people that the world doesn't fall apart when a woman is put in charge.

    4. JK Rowling

    How long have you ever gone without hearing/seeing/making a Harry Potter reference? Probably not long.

    5. Cleopatra

    6. Eleanor Roosevelt

    7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    8. Rosa Parks

    9. Shonda Rhimes

    Creator of Grey's Anatomy.

    10. Nicki Minaj

    11. Mother Teresa

    (At least in my personal history.)

    12. My mother

    (At least in my personal history.)

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