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Why did you move from corpo to solo?

I am often asked this question.

It's true, I could have stayed in my field of expertise, taken an executive job with a good salary and all the privileges that go with it. But after reflection, I decided to put my time ahead of my career for three reasons:

    1. I have built a life where I no longer need a salary to live.

    This is the concept of financial independence.

    Principle=> Bring value, increase earnings, turn earnings into investment

    2. This is not because I am no longer obliged to work that I do not want to.

    I followed my passions and combined them in a business.

    Reading, writing, thinking, sharing. I've always loved doing it, it led me to create a blog.

    Helping someone to achieve their dreams, having a quality exchange, led me to coach.

    I don't know where this opportunity will take me (like any business creation) but I'm having a great time living this adventure.

    Principle => You only have one life. Live it intentionally.

    3. I am amazed by the potential of the internet.

    As a kid, I imagined myself creating a company with unlimited potential or climbing the corporate ladder (the path that came to me). I was not interested in a small store that would limit me geographically.

    But today the Internet offers a third possibility. To turn a passion into a business with unlimited distribution. And all this with very little investment.

    Principle => Take advantage of the distribution power of the internet and limit my working time from 4 to 6 hours a day.

    There is no single path.

    The way (may) vary with each period of life.

    Everyone has to find his own. But remember that there is always a wide range of options. To discover them, we must cultivate reflection and intention.

    4. Reflection creates our options, intention lets us live them.

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