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Why don't you apply what I told you?

A few days ago, I did a "Feedforward" exercise. A term I learned from Marshall Goldsmith.

I asked my wife and two children what I could do to eat more slowly (something I can't seem to improve).

The idea was that each family member would give me two tips. And I’ll just say “Thank you” without arguing.

My 8-year-old daughter said.

- Take your time to chew properly

- Don't take your next bite until you've completely finished the first one.

    1. "What are you talking about? "

    A few days later, as I was taking her to her gym class. She shared a chocolate bar with me. As we drove, I gobbled up the candy.

    "Why don't you do what I told you."

    "What are you talking about? "

    The chocolate, you ate it without taking your time.

    “Damn, she's right.”

    2. You want to change, but it's hard to modify behavior.

    The 2 things that will help me succeed

    3. My loved ones are watching and can remind me when I slip up.

    I'm committed.

    4. Did I do my best to eat more slowly?

    In the morning, when I rate myself from 0 to 10 on the following question. Did I do my best to eat more slowly? It reminds me every day that I can do better.

    5. Changing a bad habit (at work or at home) is very hard.

    But if you have the right toolbox, and you put intention into the process, it can be done.

    6. What will you try to change?

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