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Why I can't communicate my ideas well

    1. I don't understand the idea well enough

    True understanding of an idea will allow for articulate communication without bloated noise.

    2. I haven't done enough research

    Research into the topics of the idea I'm communicating is key when it comes to understanding.

    3. I haven't curated the research well

    Poorly curating information leads to half-formed ideas that are relying on possible incorrect or incomplete information.

    4. The method I'm using to communicate is incorrect

    Am I better speaking? Writing? Drawing?

    What works for one idea may not work the same for another and learning where best to utilise different media is key to getting an idea across well.

    5. The audience I'm communicating to doesn't require the idea

    Giving ideas for designers isn't going to go well with engineers...

    Being aware of the audience and who you're communicating the idea to is as important as the idea itself.

    6. My overall knowledge is lacking

    Similar to 1 and 2.

    If I don't have a good grasp of the surroundings of the idea, struggle is inevitable.

    7. I don't have the clarity of language to communicate it

    Simplifying an idea doesn't mean using simple language.

    Complex ideas can be simplified but may still require complex language to get the point across and allow people to understand the nature of the idea.

    8. I'm not interested in the idea

    Passion can be a fantastic motivator for communication.

    When we want to communicate our ideas, we find it easier to express them.

    A lack of interest can lead to poor communication or unenthusiastic appearance.

    9. It's a bad idea

    Not every idea is going to be good and recognising when you have a good idea vs a bad idea can be tough.

    A good indicator is how well you're able to communicate your idea, good ideas will generally have more for you to latch onto when communicating them.

    10. It's only a half-formed idea

    Similar to having a bad idea, half-formed ideas are tough to communicate because we are relying on our audience to make up the gaps that we have.

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