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Why I'm Grateful to be an American

Today is July 4th, our Independence Day.

    1. Bill Pullman - The President

    Love this movie and this speech.

    2. Country of Immigrants

    Yes, we took the land from the Natives. The modern America is a land of immigrants. To this day, many people from abroad want to come to America. Our immigrants become some of the most patriotic people once they settle in.

    3. Diversity

    Not many countries have the diversity that America has. It allows all of us to learn a lot from one another. No, we are not perfect, but it is not easy to have a culturally diverse population.

    4. Land of Opportunity

    Yes, income inequality is not trending in the proper direction. Despite this, literally anyone can be born into poverty and become almost anything in America. They can even be born in a different country.

    5. 1st Amendment


    You can basically say, believe, and protest anything you want in America.

    6. 50 States

    Each state is almost like a different country.

    7. Negative - 50 states

    This is also a negative. The recent Supreme Court Abortion ruling will have many people moving states.

    8. Pride

    I love how patriotic most Americans are. We are a proud group of people. It does seem the younger generation is not as proud of America. I mainly think this is because they did not live through 9/11 and they do not have relatives that fought in WW2. During 9/11 I've never seen people so united. WW2 veterans in America were also given a lot of well deserve respect. They helped to change the course of history.

    The French still care for the graves in Normady to honor the soldiers who fell there.


    9. We are nice

    I think, on the whole, most Americans are friendly. We smile and say hi to one another. Yes, the news leads you to believe things are going to crap and everyone hates everyone.....I don't find this to be true at all.

    10. Only real negative - Healthcare

    It's absurd that we don't have a better system. Private healthcare was almost affordable 20+ years ago, now it is way too expensive outside of an employer. And even then, they don't cover much, unless you work for a large company. Too many people are bankrupted due to health reasons. We can do much, much better here.

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