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Why my New Year resolutions suck

    1. I often set unrealistic goals for myself, which leads to disappointment and frustration when I don't meet those expectations.

    2. I often focus on external changes, such as losing weight or getting a new job, rather than internal changes, such as improving mental health or personal relationships.

    3. I tend to make too many resolutions at once, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus on any one goal.

    4. There was often a lack of accountability or support in achieving my new year's resolutions, which made it difficult to stay motivated.

    5. I do not always have a clear plan or strategy in place to achieve my goals, so it leads to a lack of progress and success.

    6. I give up on my resolutions within the first few weeks, leading to a cycle of failure and disappointment.

    7. New year resolutions often involve making significant lifestyle changes, which can be difficult and intimidating.

    8. Sometimes I feel pressure to conform to societal expectations or trends, rather than setting goals that are truly meaningful to me.

    9. I may not have the necessary resources, such as time or money, to fully commit to my resolutions.

    10. New year resolutions often involve self-improvement, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt if progress is not made quickly.

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