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Why Obsidian is such a great tool

    1. Obsessed

    Somewhere in the archives, there's probably an early mention of Obsidian. When I first came across it, I was obsessed and loved how much it could do for me. After some time, I still used Obsidian but was using it less than before. Now that I've pared back on my online presence, I'm writing and publishing in Obsidian. It's a great no frills writing tool.

    2. Planning

    I've spent some time today getting organised with my work and documenting some of the things we have coming up.

    3. Writing

    I've been writing again. I've a bigger repository of notes than I remembered. My book, which needs a lot of work, contains more content than I thought. It needs tweaking and organising.

    4. Website

    I abandoned my WordPress website some time ago. Writing and publishing in Obsidian is much more fun. I like the simplicity. It's a lot of fun messing about with GitHub and Netlify. Apart from the cost of a domain name, it's free.

    5. Community

    There are so many fellow fans out there, all sharing how they customise Obsidian. You can learn a lot.

    6. To customise or not to customise

    Obsidian is great in vanilla but can also be as bespoke as you like. People are often put off by Obsidian because it sounds too complicated but it can be as simple as you like.

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