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Why the ending to the film ‘Warrior’ sucks!

    1. Mixed Martial Arts

    I trained at a Muay Thai gym for 12 years. Although I was no prize fighter, I loved it. So, I'm always a fan of boxing, kick-boxing, martial arts. Warrior is about a MMA competition. 

    2. Tom Hardy

    I'm a big Tom Hardy fan. He's made some terrific films and played great parts. Joel Edgerton was in one of my favourite films - Kinky Boots. A very different role.

    3. Resurgence

    Apparently Warrior was a bit of a flop when it first came out but now it's streaming, it's gained a lot of fans.

    4. A lot at stake

    The two main characters have a lot going on. You're rooting for both of them for different reasons. 

    5. You know how it’s going to end

    Part of the ending is to be expected. 

    6. Or, do you?

    But what I wanted to know was, what becomes of them both? After. I'm not a fan of films that don't tie up the end and leave you hanging or to work it out for yourself. 

    7. Apart from that …

    Great film!

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