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Working through writer's block

I asked KC for some ideas and these are the ones he gave me, but my brain feels fried to create a list from any of these. Maybe they'll inspire you? The first five are from KC, the last five are from me.

    1. 10 moments that heightened your senses

    Mind. in. gutter.

    2. 10. things that you feel are culty but are not actually cults (or are they)

    Child beauty pageants.

    3. Top 10 movie intros and endings

    I'm terrible with pop culture.

    4. Top 10 things you'd pack and prepare if you were aware of a zombie apocalypse beginning in 30 days

    No sé

    5. If you could only listen to 10 songs for the rest of your life, they would be....

    Similar to my 5 songs question

    6. 10 topics you'd love to talk about but rarely get to

    7. What childhood you envisioned future you to be like

    8. Your favorite lesser known podcasts or other media

    9. 10 pivotal moments in your life

    10. Poor descriptions of your favorite books/show/movie/game

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