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You can only carry 3 fiction books with you, which ones would you choose? Why?

Narrowing it down to only 3 was MUCH harder than I assumed at first. My apologies to all those left behind.

I also took a strict interpretation of the rules. For example, I wanted very much to include the anthology GOLD, by Isaac Asimov. One of my all-time favorites. But since it also includes essays, and biographical material I had to exclude it.

    1. Mirrorshades

    An early cyberpunk anthology. Many of the best minds in speculative fiction are included. Plus, I like anthologies for their variety and length.

    2. Night over the Solomons by Louis L'Amour

    Another collection of shorter stories but this time by a single master storyteller, Louis L'Amour. Although he will be forever remembered as a grandmaster of the western genre, L'amour spent much of his "yondering" years aboard tramp steamers around the world. He also wrote many stories set during this time period and colored by his experiences. This collection tells the adventures of Captain Ponga Jim Mayo, a merchant mariner in the exotic islands of the Pacific in the mid 1930s. War is looming but, in the meantime, the goods still have to get delivered.

    3. Hammerheads by Dale Brown

    Could have picked nearly anything by Mr. Brown and his writing team. This one always struck my fancy. Read it several times but not in a while. Will have to dust it off again.

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