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Your Bad Idea List Making Habits

I would like to share ten ideas that have improved my ideas lists since I've been doing them

    1. Distinguish lists that lead to immediate actions from lists to understand a topic

    2. Distinguish lists that circle the core idea from lists that explore the edges of the idea - essential vs exploratory

    3. Connect ideas lists to larger knowledge management system

    4. Connect ideas to general or universal themes or archetypes vs connect ideas to spheres of action, professions, fields of specific knowledge

    5. Idea lists intended to help someone else are rewritten and shared vs idea list intended to help me which are rewritten as a to do list

    6. Book reading for an ideas list must be limited solely to essential ideas that drive any deeper reading

    7. Listing general ideas that are helpful vs listing ideas which are esoteric, private, odd, and personally useful

    8. List ideas that I disagree with, dislike, emotionally react to, and find distasteful

    9. List ideas in pairs of extremes to explore the edges of a subject

    10. Use to AI to list ideas directly opposite to what the AI comes up with.

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