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You're So Vain - I Bet You Think The World Is About You.

Here are six ways that I've shown up in the past that generated horrible results.

    1. I refused to apologize for my known mistakes.

    A real apology is more than just mouthing the words.

    I can feel a real apology because it originates in my heart, not my head.

    You can feel when I've completely released you from any wrongdoing compared to when I'm still holding on to just a little bit.

    2. I always believed that what I thought happened, really did happen.

    I've come to realize that my memory is very unreliable.

    There are always two sides (both are untrue btw) and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

    Not only do I not hold onto anything, I see the entire world as being innocent.

    I forgive to set both myself and the world free.

    There's nothing for me to try and get you back for because nothing ever happened.

    3. I was quiet but I wasn't listening.

    Listening is a lost art.

    I now hear the unheard.

    I listen for the wisdom that is unspoken.

    I'm not so eager for you to stop talking so that I can begin.

    I'm learning the art of what it means to be a great listener.

    I have no agenda. I want nothing from you.

    4. I attached strings to almost everything.

    Everything used to be quid pro quo.

    I didn't understand that every time I give I increase my store.

    I didn't understand that I couldn't beat God giving.

    I believed that if I gave it to you then I wouldn't have it anymore.

    I now give freely with no expectation in return.

    5. I didn't understand the true meaning of generosity.

    I thought being generous meant being seen and noticed.

    I didn't fully appreciate all the benefits of generosity.

    Generosity is the act of being kind, selfless, and giving to others. Despite being an act that is done to benefit others, generosity also paradoxically increases my own well-being.


    6. I was unwilling to talk about my feelings.

    Feelings are neither wrong nor right, they just "are."

    Today, I can freely talk about how I feel without attaching to any particular feeling.

    I used to believe that my feelings had power in and of themself but I've come to discover that's not true.

    Not only am I'm the one who's generating the feelings, I'm also the one who's giving them meaning.

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