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10 Lessons I Learned After Prison About Materialism/Status/Power

Before going to prison I chased materialism, status, and power to give my life a sense of meaning and fulfillment. It didn't work.

Here are 10 things I learned.

    1. Dreams

    My unfulfilled dreams aren't going to fulfill themselves.

    2. Definition of Insanity

    Working a job I don't like, so I can buy things I don't need is one definition of insanity.

    3. What will I be grateful for?

    I'm not going to be grateful I outmaneuvered Tom for the promotion when I breathe my last breath.

    4. Lifestyle

    If my lifestyle is something I no longer enjoy but instead something I struggle to maintain, I don't own my life. My lifestyle owns me.

    5. Status

    If I'm seeking status through materialism or other means, I don't want the object, promotion, or membership.

    What I truly desire is how I believe others will perceive me because I possess those things.

    6. Why do I want this thing?

    More often than not, I don't want the thing. I want how I believe the thing will make me feel.

    7. Enough

    No matter how much I had, it would never be enough because I didn't know I was enough.

    8. Stories

    I make up stories about material objects and I believe everyone else believes the same stories.

    9. The Golden Treadmill

    I was on the golden treadmill chasing meaning and fulfillment, but too blind to see the futility of my actions. I was basically running on a treadmill trying to capture the horizon.

    10. Meaning and Fulfillment

    Meaning and fulfillment will never come from materialism, status, or power - that's like expecting orange juice from apples.

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