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10 steps to publish 5 books by the end of April 2023

I decided to start this today. By the end of the day I had laid the groundwork to pull it off. It is not a lack of time that keeps me from accomplishing a lot, it is a lack of deadlines, to paraphrase Beeple.

10 steps to publish 5 books by the end of April 2023

    1. Familiarize myself with kindle publishing

    done: set up my account this morning: 20 minutes.

    2. Plan 5 books: 2 nonfiction and 2 fiction and one to be determined

    This is ongoing. Edit: Pivot. After using ChatGPT for a few hours I realized that I can write a graphic novel series of books with a final book explaining how it was done.

    3. Use AI as a writing tool

    Spent $20 to get premium chat GPT. I have limited access to GPT4 and my GPT3.5 is always available. Also signed up for their API usage as a developer.

    Used ChatGPT to help me write a graphic novel. It came up with great ideas! Total time: 2 hours.

    4. Use AI and unsplash to generate some images

    Also found Spent $10 to get my graphic novel rendered as a .pdf. It was ready overnight. I need to adjust my prompts but out of 30 images 10 were awesome and another 10-15 were usable.

    5. Set up google docs template

    So far just taking notes but this is ongoing.

    6. Look at Fivvr to get some images done

    Found a seller on fivver and was promised royalty free yoga images and videos for $5. They sent google docs with gigabytes of material: with "royalty free, master reseller certificates" that look really legit (haha). It would take me a lifetime to review it all but I might be able to use some of it.

    7. Prepare first drafts of at least one book


    8. Find someone on Fivvr to edit it

    Probably won't bother with the first few experiments but if a book looks decent I might do it.

    9. Set Fivvr budget of $100 per book

    10. If one of the books looks promising pay someone to market it

    Marketing is not my thing.

    11. Be meta: the 5th book will be called “how to write 5 books in a month”

    Started my google doc for this and asked chat GPT for an outline: total time: 5 minutes.

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