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10 Things Elon Musk Can Do To Improve Twitter

    1. Create sub-twitters.

    Something like sub-reddits. But on Twitter. So when you enter a sub-twitter, all you see are tweets related to that subject.

    2. Add an option to turn off the algorithm.

    So people can just see tweets in chronological order. Great for people who don't want their moods and minds being manipulated by the A.I.

    3. Add a subscribers-only option.

    If you turn this option on, only people who pay you a monthly subscription can see your tweets. Something like what Locals is doing.

    4. Add an option to turn mood-specific tweets on or off.

    Instead of letting the algorithm stealthily determine your mood at its whim, you tell the algorithm what mood you want to be in.

    Want to feel happy? Turn on the "only Happy tweets" option.

    Want to feel melancholic? Turn on the "only Sad tweets" option.

    Want to feel insulted? You don't have to turn on anything. That's already built-in by default...

    5. Add a streaks option.

    For example:

    If you want to create a "10 Ideas a Day" streak, you can turn that option on. And Twitter will record and make sure you post 10 Ideas a Day everyday.

    If you want to create a "No Cheating On Diet" streak, you can turn that option on. And you'll have to post a Tweet everyday on Twitter solemnly swearing (under oath and penalty of perjury) that you were "clean" for the day.

    If you miss a day or break your streak, Twitter will send out a Tweet to everyone you know telling them you're the worst failure that ever existed on this planet.

    Just kidding.

    But it'll tell everyone you know on Twitter. So you better stick to your diet.

    6. Add an option to create your own Twitter Bots.

    Instead of trying to get all the bots off Twitter, get the spammers to build their bots on Twitter instead. And control what they do in the background, discreetly at your whim.

    7. Add an option to A/B split test tweets.

    This means that:

    You can post 1 to 4 variations of a single tweet. And when you post, it'll split those tweets up and show the variations while evenly dividing them across your followers. Different people see different variations.

    So you can really dig deep and see what your followers actually want to hear.

    8. Make your Twitter profile customizable.

    So you can design your own skins. And add them to your profile. And you can share your skins with your friends.

    9. Add an option to convert multiple tweets into a slideshow.

    So you can group tweets on a specific topic together. Or have it be done automatically for you. And they can be turned into a slideshow or video. That you can download or watch on the site.

    And you can go through the day's tweets without moving a finger.

    10. Open source Twitter.

    So if you don't like what Elon Musk is doing, you can take the code over, and make something better yourself.

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