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10 Things that people complain about: solutions to these are business ideas!

    1. No One Wants to Work

    My feeling is that no one wants to work under present conditions; i.e., low pay, disrespect, poor working conditions, in a dang cubicle, in a cubicle where there is so much noise around them they can't hear themselves think or others talk (yikes!), with a poor manager, without benefits, without good benefits, without help and support, without the correct supplies, without feeling valued, if they can't contribute, or if they can't find a job because no one is responding to their applications, the job information was incorrect, no one returns their calls when they apply, etc., etc., etc. I feel the job hiring process and the employment process is broken not the people looking for work.

    What happened to firing lazy, incompetent workers? Perhaps this is okay because employers are allowing it to be okay? Perhaps employers should take a stand and say this isn't okay. Perhaps employers need to implement ways to stop this from being an accepted practice? Perhaps employers are getting what they are asking for?

    Perhaps employers and processes need to change not employees?

    My gut says employees' needs and wants haven't changed.

    2. High Food Prices

    Can we fix this with the above? This is a basic human need. We need answers.

    3. No One Answers the Phone Anymore

    Can we fix this with the above? There are a lot of people that need to work from home, for a varied amount of reasons. In a world where a computer is a computer, a desk is a desk, why can't we figure out how to get real people answering real phones with real answers? Why can't we give people the resources and the knowledge and the authority to actually solve problems again?

    4. Everyone is Rude.

    Well, if #1 is an issue, then everyone is broke, overworked, being treated poorly, feeling undervalued, underpaid, and pretty dang grumpy. Oh, and if their coworker gets to do whatever they want and still get paid and keep their job, then they are pretty grumpy about that too!

    : {

    5. I Can't Pay my Mortgage/Rent

    Affordable housing is so critically important. I would love to be part of this solution. I have a few ideas.

    6. Politics (I just don't need to say much else)

    Oh my goodness! So much! So very, very much!

    Our political decisions need to be based on our moral compass not a political party or person. If we can't find our moral compass, perhaps we need to go back to the Bible and see if it's in there somewhere.

    7. The Weather

    Perhaps we can all do something, a little something, every single day to improve our planet and global warming.

    Turn off the water, open the windows, turn off the lights, walk instead of drive, eat more vegetables, hang up something instead of using the dryer, honor Earth Day:

    How do we celebrate Earth Day?

    Make a pledge to do a few small things each day to make the environment — and the world at large — a healthier place, like finding an effective way to reuse materials, conserve energy, and more. This hands-on Earth Day activity is great for teaching children about earth science.

    8. People Do Not Care Anymore

    How can we change this?

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