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10 Things to Start RIGHT NOW

Inspired by @BillBergeman's list.

As we are about to kick off the last quarter of the year, I thought to use this list as a reminder of what I have to do :)

    1. Evening Review/Planning

    Reflections: When you reflect on your day, what went you learned, and what you could have done better, you learn faster.

    Logging: Log stories that happened, these will be the raw materials your next blog or book would need ;)

    Planning: 3 main things you want to achieve the next day. Prime yourself for success ;)

    Gratitude: list 1 thing you are grateful for. But go deep. I am grateful for my health -> I am grateful for the sight that allows me to see the smile on my baby every day, etc. :)

    2. Thinking time

    It needs to be scheduled. Thinking is the way.

    Think your Ikegai, the product you want to build, the book structure for the book you want to write, or simply contemplating life.

    I schedule mine on Wed and Sun, but to be honest, I have been skipping, but NotePD keeps me on course.

    3. Cut Sugar

    Except for the occasional chocolate cake.

    4. Taking long walks

    That is where I do binge Podcast listening :)

    5. Writing daily

    I am not good at it. But I want to commit to doing 1~2h/day of writing in Q3.

    6. Producing

    At least one thing a day. This can be a 10 idealist, a blog, a code pushed to GitHub, breakfast for your partner, etc.

    You will slowly move into active consumption. That is, consume to produce.

    7. Scheduling the day

    If it needs to be done, it should be on the calendar.

    8. Do something for others

    A smile, listening, a gift, feedback, etc.

    9. Do 1 thing to elevate your self-awareness

    This is where reflection is important.

    For example, meditate and watch your thought.

    10. Pushups & Squats

    Where I am, even if it rains outside, I should do pushups and squats. Building muscle mass is a prerequisite for a healthy life as we age.

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