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10 tips to eat more slowly

These are maybe not easy to do 100% of the time but they help you eat more slowly. 

    1. Don’t multitask: focus on your food. Make each meal or snack an event

    This means don't eat while you're driving, don't eat while you're reading email, work, watching TV, etc.

    2. Eat mindfully

    As you eat, think about the food. Think about the textures and the flavors.

    3. Put your fork or the sandwich/food down between bites

    Don't pick it up again until you have swallowed your bite.

    4. Think about each bite after you have swallowed it

    Pause before your next bite

    5. If you are eating with others, pause to listen or talk

    6. Don’t talk with food in your mouth

    Not only is this pretty gross but it is a form of multitasking that you should avoid 

    7. If you are snacking take time to plate your food: don’t eat chips out of the bag

    This adds to mindfulness and taking your time

    8. Avoid eating in the car

    Plan your day so you don't do this.

    9. Don’t drink while you eat

    This way you need to chew thoroughly. You should not be "washing things down "

    10. If the weather is good eat outside

    Look around while you eat. Make each meal or snack like a mini picnic

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