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10 Truisms about execising

    1. You need 1 hour of vigorous exercise per day. That 1 hour of vigorous exercise will burn 300 calories.

    2. If you are running more than 3miles (5km) per day, 5 days a week, then you are running for a reason other than physical fitness

    3. If you like an exercise, then you are probably doing it wrong !

    4. You are too old NOT to start weight lifting

    5. Any exercise you do, that does not damage you , is good

    But be aware that each exercise has a purpose

    6. Get 2 weight lifters talking about weight lifting and you will hear 3 points of view !!

    7. Weight lifting can be divided up into 2 basic groups: Strength Training and Body Building.

    Note that most weight training programmes are for body building, If you want to strength train you will have to do a little searching for a suitable program

    8. You cannot spot reduce fat. Exercise should be about 25 % of your diet program. The other 75 % should be eating less

    Note: today's Millennials can reduce weight by heavy , rigorous , daily exercise; BUT they will find this will ultimately be unsustainable

    9. A pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat.

    So rather that looking to reduce body fat, try and increase muscle mass

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