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10 Ways To Practice Expressing Emotions

Originally this was suggesting in a previous Idea List about communication: "When communication is perceived as too bland by the other party, make time to practice expressing emotions."

    1. 'Morning Pages', or similar early morning writing exercise.

    'Morning Pages' by Julia Cameron is a specific process ... or any kind of morning writing, journaling, etc., will do.

    2. Write down 10 ideas every day.


    3. Play an instrument.

    It doesn't matter how 'bad' you may be, what matters is the playing.

    4. Make Art.

    Similar to the above, we're not searching for the next Picasso here. Just create something, even if it's a basic doodle.

    5. Get on stage.

    It could be a very, very small audience. Act in a play, tell some jokes, even if it's in an empty living room.

    6. Role Play.

    Emotional conversations are difficult. It can help (a lot) to role play it out with a third party before attempting the real thing.

    7. Dance!

    Alone, with a partner, at a party, as part of a video game, in a class ... just dance.

    8. Sing!

    I guess this could be called 'play an instrument' but really, I'm talking about just singing from your heart, whenever you can, or at scheduled / pertinent times.

    9. Ask Permission

    For example: "I understand how ____ is making you feel ____ right now. I completely respect that, and don't want to change the way you feel at all. Would it be OK with you if I shared a bit about how ____ is making me feel?"

    10. Touch.

    Give someone a hug. Yes, it still feels good.

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