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15 Recommendations for 2023

Some of these are things I've known for a while, others I've discovered in 2022. I already recommended some of these on NotePD before.

15 Recommendations for 2023

    1. Arthur C. Brooks

    His podcast and column for The Atlantic, and his book (From Strength to Strength).

    My quick summary of his work: It's possible to become happier if you work at it (in fact, you need to work at it); the idea that trying to become happier doesn't work is only true when you do it wrong (making it all about yourself, thinking success and money are the solution, being too obsessed about your own happiness, etc.).

    2. The Millionaire Fastlane, by M.J. DeMarco

    3. Scott Barry Kaufman and his podcast

    The Psychology Podcast

    4. The School of Life and Alain de Botton

    Wonderful videos, great books. I recommend Alain de Botton's interview on the podcast On Being. @theschooloflifetv

    5. Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, by Oliver Burkeman

    An interesting, important take on productivity and mortality (hint: productivity obsessiveness is making you miserable).

    6. Upwork and Fiverr

    If you want to get into freelancing (or even building a business), these can be a great way to find work if used well (you can arguably find higher paying work outside of platforms, so they're not the be-all and end-all, but this has been my main way of finding clients and it changed my life).

    Are they good places to hire people? I don't know. I posted a job there recently, and I was surprised at how bad the applications I received were.

    7. The Huberman Lab

    Dr. Andrew Huberman's podcast.

    8. Andrew Kirby @AndrewKirbys

    9. Starter Story

    10. The Pathless Path

    Paul Millerd's book and podcast.

    11. The Americans

    If you're not part of the "hustle 24/7" crowd and you think it's morally acceptable to consume some entertainment, I recently rewatched a bunch of episodes of The Americans with my girlfriend, and it's just such a good show.

    12. My Octopus Teacher

    A documentary about a guy who befriends an octopus for a whole year. It's nuts. Amazing.

    13. Travel

    Come on, go take that trip.

    14. Mixing coffee with decaf

    Thanks again, @braincoach!

    15. Kindness

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