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J.J. Bitters


20 Favorite Quotes from “Skip the Line”

    1. Most people who have an opinion are probably wrong.

    2. Reading is the most important superpower.

    3. Always learn the history of whatever field you’re excited about.

    4. You only get better if you lean in to the uncomfortable.

    5. Doing is better than thinking.

    6. Nobody can get to the top 1 percent of a field on their own; they must find their scene.

    7. Being an outsider forces you to look at alternative routes to get to the front of the line.

    8. Your purposes are spread out throughout your life like a bunch of clues in a scavenger hunt.

    9. Surrender to the things you cannot control.

    10. Fear is a compass.

    11. Only failure of omission is real failure. Because if you don’t do something, you can’t learn from the experience.

    12. If every day you force yourself to be creative, the brain rewires itself to make creativity a priority.

    13. Tribe building is more than just small talk. It’s the way to choose the best possible life for yourself.

    14. Careers are a marathon, not a sprint.

    15. If you can explore what you love and get paid for it, then it’s bliss.

    16. Only talk when you have something unique to say. Otherwise, listen.

    17. Facts are irrelevant.

    18. If someone doesn’t like you, then ignore them.

    19. Living with uncertainty has become critical to success.

    20. The key to successfully experimenting is to be prolific.

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