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4 reasons why your problems are temporary by nature

When you see your problems as temporary, you drastically reduce your low-mood episodes.

    1. The concept of impermanence

    Our world and ourselves are constantly changing. Your problem is part of this pattern.

    2. Static Vs dynamic.

    When I see my problem as static, I lose hope.

    When I see it in a dynamic way, everything seems possible.

    3. I change, you change, we change

    Is a reality and the key to our "potential" low moods. Your situation will not last

    Problems are often related to a relationship. The relationship involves at least two people.

    Focus on "I'm changing" and you'll see the momentum build.

    It only takes one person to get started.

    4. Proactive Vs reactive

    In both cases, the problem will eventually pass.

    But in the second case, I have no control, and I wait. This makes the situation more complex and increases my anxiety.

    In the first case, I take back some control and learn. It increases my options and my confidence.

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