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Anxious on Monday and happy on Friday. You have a problem, and waiting won't solve it. Try these 5 ideas instead.

    1. Take some time to think

    Ask yourself the question. Why? And write down everything that comes to mind.

    2. Follow your fears. What are you afraid of and why?

    3. Take some time to decide.

    -I need to have that difficult discussion with my boss, colleague, partner, client....
    - I need to launch that project I keep putting off. Do that analysis, launch a new offer, look for a new job, create your business...

    4. Take time for planning and action.

    -Make an appointment with the person concerned and start preparing.
    -Make a retro planning of your project and block out time with yourself (non-negotiable) to work on it.

    5. Anxiety tends to grow when you don't deal with it.

    There are over 50 Mondays a year.
    Anxiety tends to grow when you don't deal with it.
    So take the lead and start your week off right.

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