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Awaken the Giant by Tony Robbins. What I learned from rereading this book.

This is a book about change. Tony draws on his learning and experience as a global coach and shares all his secrets.

It helps you to quit the habits that are holding you back, and adopt the ones that allow you to achieve your dreams.

Here are 6 tools to improve the quality of your life.

    1. Decisions

    Everything starts with a decision. Everything is created twice. Once in the head and once in the real world. The 3 most important decisions.

    1. Decide what I want to focus on
    2. Decide that I always have a choice
    3. Decide what I want to do next.

    2. Pain and pleasure

    The concept that determines our lives. We do it passively. The challenge, doing it intentionally.

    Associate a lot of pain with inaction (What will it cost me if I do nothing?) and a lot of pleasure with action (Imagine yourself having achieved the goal. What do you feel, hear, see?)

    3. Question your beliefs

    Revisit what our brain has generalized.

    "I'm not good because" and reprogram that part.

    By creating a table of new beliefs (feet to support the belief). 'I'm good because".

    And associate pain to keep this old thought in mind (what will it cost me if I continue to think like this?) and pleasure with the new belief. (How do I feel when I'm good at...)

    4. How to change in an instant?

    The NAC system ( Neuro Associative Conditioning)

    1. Decide
    2. Associate pain with inaction and pleasure with action
    3. Interrupt the negative pattern through humor. Recreate the scene mentally and turn it into comedy. Exaggerate a scene, add color. Use humor, craziness, to shock your brain and break the pattern of bad thoughts.
    4. Create intentional options. Go running and not eating when you feel bad.
    5. Condition it. ("The Pavlov method). Celebrate. And give yourself small gifts. Eg I connect with 10 prospects, I eat a small piece of chocolate.
    6. Test it. Adjust, improve.

    5. What tools can I use?

    • Questions. The quality of your questions determines the quality of your focus and therefore of your life.
    • Vocabulary. Managing intensity. Am I furious or just annoyed?
    • Methaphors. Make them intentional, choose the ones that support your vision of life. Life is a game Vs. Life is a war.
    • Emotions. They send us a message, understand, analyze and use them to grow.
    • The objectives: they give us a direction.

    6. How to return to a constructive state of mind? The field of intervention

    • My state: Always get in the right frame of mind before starting. Go from fear to enthusiasm.
    • The questions. Focus on the right ones. What's interesting about this situation?
    • Values: those I want to avoid (pain), those I want to focus on ( pleasure)
    • My beliefs: Check that they are intentional and not undergone.
    • My references: They are built naturally. Choose them intentionally. Those that serve me

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