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Conversion Funnel - HCLP

There are three main pieces to the puzzle.
High Converting Landing Page - HCLP
Buyer Intent Keywords - BIKW
Properly Structured Ad Campaigns - PSAC
Today I'm only going to cover the HCLP.
You don't need to scrap your current website but don't send any bought traffic to the site because there are too many distractions.
The HCLP is going to help you discover which search terms are driving traffic and giving you the best conversions.

Topics for Discussion

  • Content
  • Compliance
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Lead Capture
  • Testing Form
  • Why Conversions Are Important
  • The 90-day path
  • My Kickstarter Idea

    1. Content

    The HCLP should give your visitors only one thing to do.
    Your copy should be short, direct, and straight to the point.
    Give the user exactly what they searched for. This is the path of least resistance.
    Don't overwhelm the visitor by trying to provide them with too much information. Don't give them water from a firehose. 
    Sell the optin or capturing their phone number. You can build rapport and sell to them once you have their email or phone number.

    2. Compliance

    You need a Home Page.
    You need an Contact Us Page.
    You need a Privacy Policy Page.
    About Us page is optional.
    If you're in a niche that requires you to have a license such as insurance, bankruptcy, credit repair and mortgage then you'd want to make sure that information is listed on your HCLP.
    The compliance is placed in the footer of the HCLP.

    3. Conversion Tracking

    You'll need to install conversion tracking on the HCLP.
    The conversion tracking pixel tells Google that you're giving people exactly what they're searching for else a conversion would not have occurred.

    4. Lead Capture

    You must have a lead capture form installed on the HCLP.
    Three email marketing software programs


    • Easy to use interface.
    • Multiple educational resources are available.
    • Ability to create fully automated email campaigns quickly.


    • Limited capabilities with the free plan.
    • Very limited customer support unless paying for the Max plan (with custom pricing).


    • Free Plan: $0/month (Up to 500 contacts)
    • Basic Plan: $12.30/month (Up to 1000 contacts)
    • Plus Plan: $40.18/month (Up to 1000 contacts)
    • Professional Plan: $81.18/month (Up to 1000 contacts)
    Constant Contact 


    • Responsive support via phone or chat.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • 60-day free trial.
    • A free demo so you can understand the key features before committing.


    • The interface can be buggy sometimes.


    • Digital Marketing PlansCore Plan: $9.99/month (approximately)
      Plus Plan: $45/month (approximately)


    • A robust system to add tags.
    • Modern, professional-looking email templates.
    • Super specific options for targeting emails.
    • Detailed email metrics to understand how your campaign is performing.


    • Minor errors or technical issues can happen.
    • Can't modify forms.
    • A/B testing and reporting are very limited (no bounce rate data, etc.)


    • Free Plan: $0/month (For 300 subscribers)
    • Creator Plan: Starting at $15/month (For up to 300 subscribers)
    • Creator Pro Plan: Starting at $29/month (For up to 300 subscribers)
    • Free trial available

    5. Testing Form

    Always test the optin form before you begin sending paid traffic to it.

    6. Why Conversions Are Important

    You must have a TESTED & PROFITABLE Conversion Process.
    You're good at working in the business but not on the business.
    You have competing intentions. You want the sale but you lack the time, energy, and desire to learn how to craft HCLP.
    I already know that. Click Here. 
    You want the fruits but you don't want to mess with the roots.

    Why Conversions Are Important

    • It's easier to convert higher-end clients than it is to convert lower-end clients.
    • Higher-end clients are more profitable
    • Higher-end clients are easier to get
    • Higher-end clients tend to be more educated
    • Higher-end clients are good at recognizing value when they see it
    • Higher-end clients put their money where their mouth is
    • Higher-end clients already know they need targeting marketing to grow and expand
    • Higher-end clients tend to be more open-minded
    Get on the VIP Waiting List for custom-built conversion funnels.


    Marketer #1 targets $100/mo clients. He converts at a very high rate of 50%. He converts 1 out of every 2 people he talks to. On average he speaks to 100 clients each month 50 of them become his clients.

    100 opportunities X .50 conversion rate = 50 new clients x $100/client = $5,000/mo

    Marketer #2 target $10,000/mo clients. He converts at a very low rate of only 1%. He converts 1 out 100 people that he speaks to. On average he speaks to 100 clients each month only one of them become his clients.

    100 opportunities X .01 conversion rate = 1 new client x $10,000/client = $10,000/mo

    What happens if Marketer #2 can increase his conversion rate from 1% to 2%?

    100 opportunities X .02 conversion rate = 2 new clients x $10,000/client = $20,000/mo

    That's a whopping 400% increase in earnings.
    It's not only about conversions ultimately. It's about the process that it took to bring all three pieces of the puzzle togther.
    • High Converting Landing Page - HCLP
    • Buyer Intent Keywords - BIKW
    • Properly Structured Ad Campaigns - PSAC
    If you have a HCLP but the wrong BIKW the funnel won't work.
    If you have the right BIKW but a LCLP (Low-conveting landing page) the funnel won't work.
    If you have a PSAC but you drive the traffic to LCLP the funnel won't work.
    That would be lik trying to send a bunch of Christians to a brothel. Conversions are low.
    You want to send Christians to a Church or Revival.

    7. The 90-day Path

    Month #1 - This first month you're learning what works and what doesn't. You're buying data.
    Month #2 - The second month you're running reports and fine-tuning. You're keeping the winners "honey pot keywords" and ditching the losers.
    Month #3 - The third month you're scaling the campaigns.
    You don't mind throwing money at the top of your Conversion Funnel because you know it works.
    You can run the campaign, put your head on your pillow and have a good nights slep. By the time you wake up the next day there will be leads in your inbox ready for you to cherry pick.
    BIG MISTAKE: People expect to get super qualified leads from the jump. Buying data just doesn't happen over night.

    8. My Kickstarter Idea

    I'm going to use the money that I receive from the VIP Waiting List to test a new niche if there are enough people interested in what I have to offer.
    I'll use the money for the buy a domain, do the keyword research, build a landing page, and setup and run the ads. This is a 90-day process. 
    I'll share the winning landing page url, the "honey pot" keywords, and the ad campaigns with all the backers.
    If I don't get enough backers the expression of appreciation is $5 which entitles you to a spot on the VIP Waiting List plus a copy of the Local Niche Markets PDF document.
    This is a new idea and the first time I've offered it to the public. I've decided to have 3 entry levels.
    Silver - $500/mo - Example niches that would fall under the Silver level - barbershop, fast-food, floral shop, carpet cleaners, and appliance repair.
    Gold - $1,500/mo - Example niches that would fall under the Silver level - financial services, glass-auto, computer dealers, or bail bonds.
    Platinum - $5,000/mo - Example niches that would fall under the Silver level - insurance, personal injury, AC contractors, Roofing, architects, boat dealers, and home builders.
    Nothing is written in stone and these prices are subject to change without notice.
    I hope you will join me. Today is the 307th day of the year. Only 58 days left in 2022.

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