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How do you tackle a project/problem/thing you need to get done?

Have had a lot of things come at me at once and it's been challenging to prioritize. Was very stressed, now as things start coming off my plate, I'm feeling a lot better!

    1. Prioritize

    Look at your to do list. Only focus on the top 5. Forget about the rest for now. Think @JamesAltucher says this is Warren Buffett's to do plan?

    2. Take days to think broadly

    I don't do much at the beginning. Hopefully, I've given myself plenty of time. Many people think I'm a procrastinator because I don't take action right away, but I like a long runway and I like to think about things for a good amount of time. Don't like wasting paper or making decisions until I've really given things many days of thought. No rash decisions on important projects or things that need to get done.

    I like the subconscious to have a chance to weigh in.

    3. Imagine being done

    Time moves fast. Things will be done before you know it. I like to imagine being finished. Even before I start.

    4. Take a small action

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step."

    Make a phone call. Write something down. Start working on a small peice of the project. Keep it simple. To gain some momentum.

    Objects in motion stay in motion.

    5. Imagine all the scenarios

    Don't just have one plan. Think and plan for anything. Overprepare. That's why you gave yourself a lot of runway. To think it through. Surprises are great on your birthday, but not when completing important stuff.

    6. Rough Draft

    Now that you've got an idea of what to expect, write something down. Or understand the framework well.

    Keep it rough. Simple. Fill in the blanks later.

    7. Get opinions

    Ask people you respect. Ask people you don't, too. Y

    You don't need to listen to anyone. But, fresh eyes often see things in a different light. This is your project, but if you like some of the suggestions, use them.

    8. Be decisive

    Nothing is perfect. Roll with the punches. Make rough decisions, refine them, and go for it.

    Adjust slightly along the way.

    9. Refine near the end

    Time to fill in the blanks. Time is running out, but the pressure should be easing, because you've got a well thought out plan.

    10. Close strong

    Finish confidently. No regrets. Too late for that.

    Remember when you envisioned the end? You're almost there.

    11. Reflect

    What could you have done better? Ask others. Don't beat yourself up. Everything is easy in hindsight. This gives you an idea how you can improve in the future.

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