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How I lost 12 lbs. since November

Admittedly, not as spectacular results as @easymoneyme, but I'll take what I can get.

I used to teach kendo and practice with the tae kwon do and wushu clubs in college. I weighed 143 pounds back then. But three kids and a sedentary office job has taken its toll on me over the past 20 years, so I've developed quite the Dadbod. I weighed 185 pounds in November 2022. Today I weigh 173, and still working on losing more (need to lose another 10 pounds to officially get out of "overweight" status).

How I lost 12 lbs. since November

    1. I started going to the gym every day to do 40-60 minutes of cardio on the elliptical

    I love doing this, because I get to listen to music and read while doing it.

    2. When I do cardio, I have heart rate goals that I have to meet every 2.5 minutes

    It means going hard every 2.5 minutes until I get to about 160 bpm

    3. On days I'm too fatigued to do good cardio, I'll hit the weights.

    I find that weight loss usually stalls when I do weights, which is probably a good thing. It likely means that fat was burned and muscle was gained.

    4. I do some light weight work at home

    Usually some combination of kettlebell swings, pushups, and ab roller

    5. I do a Slow Carb diet (a la Tim Ferriss)

    Basically just eat meat and veggies, and drink water only

    6. Nerdification: I'm a nerd at heart, so I plot my weight on a graph...

    The graph has two parallel lines sloping downward. If my weight is between the lines, it's all going to plan and I just keep exercising and being mindful of my eating habits. If my weight goes above the top line, I go on a strict diet until it goes back below the top line. If my weight goes below the bottom line, I eat whatever I want until it goes back above the bottom line (cheat day).

    7. Drink lots of water

    Scientifically speaking, it dissolves the baddies from your body.

    8. No food after 8PM

    Not sure if this is "ancient Chinese wisdom," but I have heard this same weight loss advice from many a Chinese person.

    9. Fasting

    I find 16:8 fasting pretty easy to do. Basically just skip breakfast.

    10. I quit caffeine

    Okay, maybe this doesn't have to do with weight loss, but I actually feel MORE energetic when I'm off the coffee habit. I still do enjoy the taste of coffee though, so I still have a morning cup of decaf spiked with some roasted chicory.

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