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How many ways can you make your own Luck as an Entrepreneur

    1. Increasing the distance among knowledge/skill nodes

    This is learning sign language and cartography rather than learning SQL and then MongoDB. This strategy would increase the frequency of getting lucky but not necessarily maximizing the EV of all the times we get lucky

    2. Make knowledge/skill nodes really dense

    Diametric opposition of the above. It's going narrow and deep. It's learning all forms of grappling arts rather than betting well-rounded fighter. This is like being on 3, 1-12, Odd, and Red all at the same time. Rarer wins but when you do hopefully it's smashing

    3. Show what you do

    I believe Gary Vee calls it documenting it. One thing that has dawned on me lately is that you can even suck at the thing so long as you're consistent. Conversely, via what vessel is much supposed to find you if you can't be seen?

    4. SEND your ideas

    Practice discretion for all parties involved but what are the chances that a relevant party sees my idea? Apart from obvious duds, how would I even know what is a good idea if I'm a novice in the field?

    5. Having a thicker skin

    Some shots are spectacular but long. Some are sooooooo long. If I can't stick it out everything before the win just becomes one sad series of sunk cost

    6. Know when to cut losses

    The reversal of the above for obvious reasons. I sometimes wonder which one is easier: this or timing the market?

    7. Be likeable


    8. (Pure gut feeling) being playful

    This probably is more critical than I think

    9. Taking shots

    Not only you make lucky shots every so often but it calibrates the sense of where the boundaries are

    10. Empty space

    Good god... when was the last time you felt lucky being crazy busy in a mess and maxed out with stress? 

    11. Solid fundamentals

    Basics should be at least minimum sound. Maybe not 8 hours every night but at least enough to not doze off in the meetings. Maybe have fights with SO but make up quickly without grudges going for days. Some liquid funds to explore. Not necessarily the New Age on 10. Just the basics. 

    12. Just musing….

    10 ways to minimize the denominator so to get lucky more frequently

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