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How to avoid distraction

Life has lots of distractions.

    1. Schedule appointments

    If you really need to get something done, put it on your calendar and follow you schedule.

    2. Separate yourself as much as possible

    People can be distracting.

    Work by yourself as much as possible.

    3. Find your motivation

    I procrastinate when I am not motivated.

    Try and find the motivation necessary to block out distractions and get your items complete.

    4. Plan ahead

    Prepare for your future.

    Make sure you have everything you need in place to accomplish your task.

    5. Headphones

    I hate wearing headphones. But they can block out noise around you and they show other people that you are busy.

    6. Make sure you have food and water

    If you are really hungry or thirsty this will be distracting.

    Make sure you have plenty of food and water so that it doesn't distract you.

    7. Turn off the TV

    TV can be really distracting.

    8. Focus music

    Some ambient noice like rain or wind can help you focus.

    9. List

    Have your priority list and just go down it.
    Do not stop until you have marked off enough items.

    10. Communicate

    Communicate with people about your focus.
    Communicate with the universe about your intention.
    Communicate with your clients. Children. Parents. Spouse.

    Overcommunicate about your life, priorities and availability

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