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How to find clarity to succeed in (all) your projects.

What my clients often seek in coaching is clarity...

Who wouldn't want it?

    1. And the turning point in a session is when a client touches it.

    --The plan that seemed hard becomes easy.

    --The “next action” impossible to find a few minutes before becomes obvious.

    --The lost motivation comes back as if by magic...

    But there is no magic.

    2. Clarity is the result of a process that you can replicate for each of your projects.

    Nolan Archibald became the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company (Black Decker) and held that position for 24 years.

    Clayton Christensen recounts in his book How Will You Measure Your Life, an exchange Nolan had with students.

    Early on, he had ambitions to become a CEO (start with the end in mind). And at the end of his studies, he asked himself a question.

    "What are all the experiences and problems that I have to learn about and master so that what comes out at the other end is somebody who is ready and capable of becoming a successful CEO?"

    He then executed his plan

    "I wouldn't ever make the decision based upon how much it paid or the prestige," he told my students "Instead, it was always: is it going to give me the experiences I need to wrestle with?"

    3. How can I use Nolan story in my everyday life to gain clarity?

    – What do I really want to do (Start with the end in mind)?

    – Look for the question that gets me closer to my goal.

    – And execute, adjust, execute, adjust....

    4. We don't need to become CEO, but we all need clarity...

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