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How to reinvent your career after 50 (when you still need the money)

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    1. Leverage WHO you know.

    Ask old classmates, coworkers, friends, etc. what they are now doing then ask them for ideas for you.

    2. Take a short certificate course to add value to your existing skillset.

    For example, take a cyber security certificate program or a business analytics course at your local community college or online.

    3. Start a side hustle.

    Take something you love or have always wanted to try and do it on the side. See if you can make money doing it. It could become a business.

    4. Apply your existing skills in other settings/environments.

    For example, if you are a teacher but don't like the administrative hassles or dealing with parents, explore being a corporate trainer or building an online course.

    5. Do something that you're actually EXCITED about!

    No matter which of these options you try, be sure what you're doing energizes you. Don't try a side hustle or take a class or make a lateral move into a new environment just because you hate what you're doing or want more money. Move toward what energizes you. Don't run away from bad, run toward better.

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