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How to talk with girls

    1. I knew it’s wired when you are an introvert who doesn’t even knew , how to communicate with boys😅but don’t worry , I’m here and i will help to move futher because i done this many time buddy

    2. I was an introvert from my early childhood but after changing my school in 12 standard , I realized rhat I shouldn’t be bound myself to one particular identity so then i switch my personality and now I’m an extrovert.

    3. It’s not that easy it’s took my time but at the same time it’s not that difficult. I tried to have conversations with as many people as i can not with my relatives but only with my friends and strangers whom i will never ever gonna meet.

    4. Try first online , first send request to 100 girls , if you are a girl then check out your dm 😅. Then try to have conversations with rhem see how longer you are able yo handle the situation and conversations. Leanr from that shit .

    5. Join new group online and locally for the issue that really matter with you and don’t be a jerk and fake your personality.

    6. There are so many YouTube channel which will help you build your charismatic personality. You definitely try those out . If you want good dating life . Which I don’t have😅

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