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How would you improve US health care?

This is written from the perspective of a European who has heard horror stories of livelihoods devastated by extremely high medical treatment costs.


(Image source: commons.wikimedia.org)

    1. Study other health care systems that work well

    For example, the NHS in the UK. The systems in France, Germany and other EU countries work well too.

    2. All people should be insured

    If this is not the case, there are high follow-up costs due to damage to health or reduced ability to work.

    3. Exorbitantly high bills that can destroy an economic livelihood must be borne by the general public

    Provided the treatment is medically necessary

    4. Medical studies should be financially supported to ensure that there are enough qualified doctors and nurses

    Provided that the academic achievements are good enough.

    5. There should be standard fee rates in statutory insurance that ensure that doctors and nurses are paid well, but those rates should not be exorbitantly high.

    6. Health care is generally to be understood as an important part of the infrastructure

    7. Of course, the doctors should be free to practice privately – and to collect high fees for it

    However, nobody should be dependent on private high-end medicine to avoid dying.

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