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I am often asked how to get started. So here are 11 ideas to begin journaling.

Writing in your journal improves your thinking, helps you manage your emotions, develops your creativity...
The more you do it, the more benefits you get.

But how to start.

11 ideas to get started.

    1. Take time to find your Why.

    Everyone does it for a different reason. Finding yours will help you keep going.

    2. Evaluate the obstacles that could stop you.

    We're all busy. Anticipate what might get in your way and find ways around it.
    And there you have it, your first journal entry. :)

    3. Go to bed early and wake up early

    This was one of my best triggers. The day I managed to get to bed earlier, I was able to create a morning routine and journaling was part of it. So the tip below won't surprise you.

    4. Do it first thing in the morning.

    My best strikes are the ones I make every morning.

    5. Choose a medium you like.

    Some people swear by paper and others by digital.
    Both work. You have no more excuses.

    6. Do not impose a time, a minimum of words etc.

    I know as many people as there are ways to journal. As you do it every day, you will have all the leisure to test the different methods and why not create your own. "Idea Sex"... @JamesAltucher

    7. Lower your expectations

    One sentence, one page. Understandable, not understandable. Well written, badly written. We don't care. It's only for you.

    8. Review what you have written on a regular basis

    It's enjoyable and often instructive.

    9. Keep it simple.

    The most beautiful notebook, the best app, the keywords to search for. Do whatever you want to improve your experience. But don't forget to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

    10. Even one sentence

    "I don't know what to write." Stop. We can all write one sentence :). And it's hard to quit when you've already started.

    Not convinced. Read Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything
    Book by BJ Fogg

    11. Read a book on the topic.

    I've enjoyed The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future
    Book by Ryder Carroll.

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