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Martin Brown


If I knew I were going to die in a month, I'd do these ten things.....

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    1. Spend Time With My Family and Friends

    2. Prepare a Will

    3. Write Letters to Important People

    I would want to write some personalized letters to some people who have helped me along the way. I would be honest with them. Letting them know how at times the thought of them, or even our interactions saved my life on more than one occurrence 

    4. Leave a video for my students

    Even though I'm at the administrative level I would like to leave some words of inpsiration for the students. I would tell them their hugs and smiles kept me going as I was going through a divorce my first year as their AP. Encourage them that there efforts in life can truly beat the circumstances around them. They need to know they were my heroes on more than one occasion. 

    5. Leave a video for the Faculty

    I'm sure I didn't always get it right. I just want you to know I tried. There were times I may have disappointed you all. There were times where I didn't. Just know that I gave it my best shot even when I was going through a lot beyond those four walls. I pray that each of you continue to service our students because in many cases you are the difference in their lives. I love you all. I may never have known that but as my life ends it makes me appreciate you all so much more. I'll miss you dearly. Until we meet again. 

    6. Finish a Really Good Book

    7. Pray

    Asking for some forgiveness before my transition. 

    8. Place a Really Big Sports Bet

    Take a loan out for as much as possible placing a huge sports bet. Maybe I win and spread the wealth.  

    9. Ask For a Sitdown with My Ex-Wife

    I just want to look her in her eyes to apologize before it's over. 

    10. Listen to My Favorite Songs as I Die

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