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Meditation is…

Meditation is…

    1. Mental hygeine

    You brush your teeth everyday. Meditation is like brushing your mind's teeth. 

    Weird image, but you get what I mean. 

    2. Unplugging your ego’s modem

    Why do modems continually need to be unplugged and replugged in order to work properly?

    No one knows.

    But your ego needs to be unplugged just like a modem. Even if for only a few seconds. 

    3. A door way into silence

    Yes, for many us, the mind is still whirring. But meditation is a doorway that can lead you to silence. 

    And silence is actually quite beautiful. Oftentimes it's more musical than music. 

    4. Breath Surfing

    Surfers are chill. You gotta be patient to ride the wave. 

    But with breath surfing, the waves are already there. They arise inside you. Ride them. Relax. 

    5. Cleaning “lint trap” of your mind

    What's the first thing you do when you load the dryer?

    You check the lint trap. If it's full, your clothes won't dry well. In fact, it could possibly catch fire and burn the house down  

    Cleaning it is a simple act. Meditating helps remove the mental lint. 

    6. The janitor of your mind

    The mental floors need to be mopped. The mental toilets need to flush. The mental messes need to be cleaned. Who's going to do it?

    Meditation. Your mental janitor. 

    7. Low key sexual

    Some say kundalini is sexual energy. I disagree, but I think kundalini energy is so intense that sex is the only worthy comparison. 

    To take it a bit further, when you meditate, you're breathing in and out. Your lungs are being penetrated by the air.

    There are many ways to have sex. There are also many ways to breathe. I'll leave it at that. 

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