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My day on NotePD and beyond

    1. What if you had to heal the world only from one disease what would it be

    That question comes via a list created by @Job. My answer is metabolic syndrome. The 5 indicators of metabolic syndrome are abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, low HDL and high triglyceride levels. This may be difficult to buy into when you first hear it but everything that can make us sick can be tied to metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is reversible. Cut carbohydrate consumption, cut seed oil consumption and change your body composition by lifting weights. It's that simple, even if not easy.


    2. Manage your financial independence

    A list from @MrOTG that is mostly about ETFs. My interest in markets seemingly knows no bounds so it is always interesting hear from people who do not really enjoy markets as much as I do. Most important from his list was whatever method you choose, make sure it works for you which is a crucial point of understanding.

    One caveat is that at some point your retirement planning becomes more complex than just setting aside some percentage every month. At some point we need to learn about asset allocation and sequence of return risk, also certain uninformed decisions regarding Social Security can end up being disastrously expensive. Put the time in, it's your retirement/old age.


    3. Make sure your healthcare is taken care of

    From a list by @harnessmoney about preparing for retirement. A slight tweak from me which is make sure your health is taken care of. The right habits, very simple habits, can have the effect of making us biologically younger. This is something that can actually be measured/tested but it is expensive. Think about the stereotypes we associate with middle age and then being a senior citizen. In middle age, people tend to gain weight (that is starting much earlier now though), things start to hurt and we get on the prescription train. Then as seniors, frailty starts to kick in on top of that. No matter your age, you know people in your cohort with some measure of these negative attributes.

    As we age we lose the ability to say fit without exercise. At 20 maybe it doesn't matter how much you exercise but we begin to naturally lose muscle mass around 30. This leads to frailty later. At some age (different for all of us) we lose the battle against a bad diet and will start to gain weight and develop the signs of metabolic syndrome.

    Avoid all that and the money spent on prescriptions and time lost waiting in the doctor's office by taking care of your health. Lift weights and cut carbs. You can reverse any damage done. You will end up looking younger on the outside and chances are if you look younger on the outside, you're also younger on the inside.


    4. Soy milk

    Someone listed soy milk as being healthy. Not linking to them as I am not trying to make NotePD confrontational but soy milk is terribly unhealthy. Its omega 3/omega 6 is terrible, favoring omega 6 which is very obesogenic (likely to result in being 'skinny fat'), it has enough carbs to spike your insulin (you don't want that), promotes inflammation and lowers testosterone.

    5. If You Had To Live on $2000 USD Per Month, How Would You Do It?

    @BillBergeman made a challenge about living on $2000/mo. I am self employed. Getting regular health insurance from healthcare dot gov at ages 56 and 50 would cost us $1500/mo. Challenge over LOL.

    Tying in with a couple of other items on this list is that good habits (and maybe a little luck too) allows us to get by with what amounts to catastrophic health coverage that costs us only $545/mo. Muscle mass and no extra weight around the middle is saving us $1000/mo in 2022. I have younger family members already on the prescription train and it seems plausible that things ache and they are less physically capable than they should be. While $2000 may or may not be realistic, having your metabolic health and fitness in order is a way to save meaningfully.


    6. Why You’ll Probably Never Run Out Of Money

    From outside of NotePD, an article written by Mr. Money Mustache. The article looks at the psychology that keeps people stuck in jobs they don't like despite being financially capable of leaving.

    It surprises me to not see this more often but figure out how to derive an income from something you love doing and would probably do if there was no money involved. It might take some time to figure out but if you love doing something you will put everything you have into it and you'll be able to figure out whether you can monetize it and if so, how to do it.

    Also, I completely reject the notion from this article that 60 years old is the cutoff to old age. 60 is old if you think you're old but of course that is true of 40 as well.


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