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My Top 25 Interests

Branched from @JamesAltucher's post about Warren Buffet's 5/25 rule.

    1. My Own Yoga

    I don't mean lycra pants yoga. And I don't want to say "authentic yoga" because that sounds pretentious.

    I mean my own system of stretches, breathing exercises, and meditations that I've been cultivating and developing for over five years. I do them every day, no exceptions. This is my own yoga.

    More than anything else, it's what brings me balance and bliss.

    2. Teaching

    I want to teach everything I learn. Everything. I don't even have to be very good. If I'm two steps ahead of someone else, I want to teach them what I know. I want them to learn faster than I did.

    I love teaching.

    3. Wealth Creation

    I'm going to cheat here and lump entrepreneurship, personal finance, and investing into one category.

    This is my weak spot. I manage my own money well and I invest safely, but my entrepreneurial skills have been embarrassing. I need a mentor.

    4. Creative Collaborations

    I cheated again. I love writing, music, and animation. In that order.

    But I don't love any of them as much as I love the process of working with someone creatively. I love bouncing ideas back and forth. I love digging deeper to find out what their soul is trying to say.

    I'd quit creating solo art before I'd quit collaborating.

    5. Tantrik Sex

    I debated if I should put this here, but I have to be honest.

    If I TRULY had to devote my life to the top 5 and ignore the bottom 20, this would be in the top five for sure.

    Sex is popular for a reason. It feels good.

    It feels so good that people forget that it can be even better. Sex can -- and should -- be a gateway to the divine.

    Meditation is contact with the divine in its most receptive form. Sex is contact with the divine in its most dynamic form.

    6. The Bottom 20

    6. Writing (non-fiction)

    7. Music (piano, drums, songwriting)

    8. Laughter (comedy writing, stand-up)

    9. Psychology (persuasion, self-understanding)

    10. Cooking

    11. Poetry

    12. Animation

    13. Dance

    14. Singing

    15. Psychedelics

    16. Art & Illustration

    17. Chess

    18. Sanskrit

    19. Writing (novel or short story)

    20. Foreign Languages

    21. Screenwriting

    22. Outdoors (hiking, camping)

    23 Racquet Sports

    24. Math & Geometry

    25. Coding

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