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Right On Time

I went to the best wedding ever yesterday.

Usually weddings aren't that fun to attend. So much pomp and circumstance. Not this one. We all got to wear cowboy boots. The invitation to his ranch style home was, "Wear something Beth Dutton would at her wedding, unless you're a guy, then maybe make it what Kevin Costner would wear to her wedding ."

I met Alex 20 years ago over his dog, Stella the Chocolate Lab.

Over the last 20 years I've been there for all 3 of his dogs. I helped him let go of his first Lab, one of the hardest things he's had to do. He loved that dog. That dog had gone to every one of his gigs before he got known and as a singer song writer on the charts and then became a published author with Hay House.

I trained Stella his second Lab, who came into this world a bit reactive. It's no wonder when I look back to what was going on in Alex's life at the time. I was there throughout her lifetime and helped him let her go over the bridge a few years back too.

And then there's Emma. The Yellow Lab. She's just like my girl who crossed that bridge a few years ago. She's the sweetest, easiest dog ever. I've spent a lot of time with Emma while Alex was traveling, singing and visiting his very tight family.


I've also been there as Alex went through a few relationships. He sings about love. Writes songs from love letters. He knows the emotions, but he couldn't find that right one to create his own family. He wanted it badly. All the good friends he'd cultivated, including me knew it.

Over 20 years ago, he met this women. They were a thing. It was right. But it wasn't. They were going to get married and called it off at the last moment, the details I don't know exactly.

I do know she'd wrote him a letter that somehow didn't arrive after their breakup. The letter that would have put them back together most likely then.

But it never arrived.

Timing in life is everything ~John Sculley

It's a long story, but these two found each other again last year.

Yesterday at his wedding he sang the song he wrote for her.

The timing.

They'd been through 2 decades without each other, and here they are together. Right on time.


It gave me hope in finding love too. Right on time.

I've been spending a lot of time making space for it and practicing ways to be healthy, happy and full of love.

I loved this list today. I practice a lot of things on it, and it's helpful to keep the vibe going.

Thanks @braincoach

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