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Short Film ideas

I've not made a film in a long time. Maybe I'll film one of these ideas.

Short Film ideas

    1. 2020 Apocalypse

    A loaner that never left his house has finally ran out of toilet paper. He leaves his house, but no-one else is there. The shops closed, actually all the shops are closed. No matter where he goes, no-one. Did everyone die? Is he the only one left? Awesome! He goes wild, breaks into stores, goes crazy. Walks about the streets naked, why not? Breaks into a bar and gets wasted. This is the life. Then masked creatures show up outside. Did they kill everyone? Well they're not killing me. The naked man runs as fast as he can home, without looking back. Locks himself at home and hides under his blanket.

    I thought the concept of someone not knowing about the pandemic, whilst in one would be fun. Needs a lot of work.

    Actually let's make it a group of homeless people instead.It can be a hopeful story of them having one perfect day. A narration of an old bum telling other bums about the 2020 Apocalypse.

    2. Space

    You die and wake up on a spaceship. Your real life starts now.

    * I've got nothing. Sounded like a fun idea, but needs a story.

    3. City Takeover

    Terroristrs take over the city, but you manage to survive by hiding. You try to save people, take down the terrorists and survive until help comes. You rely just on smarts. Basically a typical zombie movie, but replacing them with terrorists with guns and stuff.

    * This could work. Would be fun to film and would be easy enough to write a short script.

    4. Hallucination

    A junkie is walking the streets at night. He looks across the street to where the night club is. Zombies ! Slowly walking, growing and falling over the place. The junkie then picks up a sword and runs towards them 'Aaahhh!!!' it then cuts to reality. He's beating drunk folk with a stick.

    * The thought of this makes me laugh and was the basis for my Junkieman story.

    5. Popeman and Choir boy

    A beautiful Christmas story. This would be a much longer film, but I think it could be easily made.

    Part 1 -

    part 2 -

    Part 3 -

    6. Dream

    Someone has the perfect life, great job, family, friends. One day he hears voices ' Wake up' 'Please wake up' 'Wake up Dave'. he then gets 'Flashbacks' Of someone else's life. It's not good fights, no-one seems happy, his job seems mind numbly boring. He then starts to realise that this is his real life. The reality he's in now is just a dream. Theirs a glowing door, he somehow knows that walking through it, will wake him up. So he has one last perfect day, says goodbye to everyone then walks through the door, waking up to his life of hell.

    * Is it better to live in reality or a dream?

    7. Talk to someone

    A story where a girl talks her way into being bed bound and scared of the world. I see a lot of anxious people embellishing stories for sympathy points, but in return they make their reality a little worse each time. I like the idea of retelling the same story, but making it a little worse each time until she reaches the point where she's so scared of this reality that she can't leave her bed.Hopefully the film will serve as a reminder not to embellish the bad things in our lives.

    *. Really like this one. It was the hardest to think of, but pushing myself a little further payed off.

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